Rolloff Dumpsters

Premium Rolloff Dumpsters for all your cleanup needs

Roll-off Dumpsters

 Flat Rate Cleanup Pricing!
(per dumpster)

12 yd. / 2 tons – $260.00    
22 yd. / 4 tons – $380.00   

Flat Rate Shingle Pricing!
(per dumpster)

 12 yd. (up to 45 sq. tear-off) $380.00
22 yd.  (up to 80 sq. tear-off) $600.00 

Flat rate includes: Drop, Pickup, Rent, and *Weight
No TAX- No Hidden Surcharges!
Flat rate includes fourteen (14) days
Simply call when you are ready for pickup!

Rental Extension Fee $10/Day
*Additional weight $50/ton

Concrete of any kind

Materials Requiring special attention:

(For more information and pricing details, please contact our office)

Medical Waste of any kind

Tree Stumps

Refrigerated Appliances (Freon)

(For asbestos abatement please click debris removal)

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12 Yard Rolloff Dumpster
8 Feet Wide, 11 Feet Long, 4 Feet Tall


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22 Yard Rolloff Dumpster
8 Feet Wide, 15 Feet Long, 5 Feet Tall


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Order By Phone @ 706-258-4020 

Order By Text @ 706-455-7901 

Please include: Name, Site Address, Requested Size of Dumpster

After 5pm, callback next business day.

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If for any reason you feel that we have not met these expectations, please let me know.”

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